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A brief synopsis of our Chauffeur Bruce.

Written by someone who has known him all her life.

A Kiwi living in England since 1963, Bruce has been a keen photographer since he got his first camera in the 50’s and has photographed and videoed landscapes and people all over the world from New Zealand to Scandinavia and everywhere in between.

He bought his first old car, a 1926 Chevy, in ‘58 which fired a life-long passion for vintage cars and motoring. Bruce calculated he has driven 11 times around the world, so he seems to have got the knack of driving! He has a relaxed “hang loose” disposition, with a wicked S.O.H.

His enthusiasm for experiencing new places and people has continued throughout his life and extends to the social, it has to be said that Bruce loves a good party! So a few years ago he decided to combine his long standing passions for vintage cars, photography and people, into the successful business that is ‘Foxy Lady Wedding Car Hire’ today.

With Bruce you can always be sure of his humour and enthusiasm for celebrating life’s joyful occasions, be it a wedding, anniversary surprise or a prom, he will always strive to ensure that you enjoy the occasion, and with the help of ‘Foxy lady’ and his camera, make your special day full of indelible memories.